Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Bangalore – Complete List

Bangalore, often known as the Silicon Valley of India, is the center for startups and all modern tech enterprises, which employ thousands of people in various in-demand positions. Despite these challenges and the evolving workplace environment, some jobs are in higher demand than others. These positions are still very competitive. Some jobs are more demanding than others, despite these demands and the flexible, dynamic workplace culture. These Top 10 Jobs in Bengaluru will continue to be in high demand. 

  1. Machine Learning Engineer

Data-driven employment has dramatically increased. The first of these is machine learning. Machine learning, expressed simply, is the process of building intelligent systems and technologies that can truly understand independently, independent of human intervention.

Machine learning has become more widely used during the past ten years. This is due to an increase in computer processing capability. Anyone with the required skill set is accordingly well compensated for their services. You must have strong math and programming skills to succeed as a machine learning engineer. You should feel at ease using R or Python.

  1. Master of Blockchain

Blockchain began as a fad but firmly established itself in the tech industry, especially bitcoin. Although blockchains gained popularity because of bitcoin, they still have a lot of potentials even without digital currency. Numerous industries, including banking (smart contracts), logistics, health care, and even the communication sector, stand to benefit from blockchain.

The job description for a blockchain engineer may sound extremely difficult, but it is one of the highest-paying positions in Bangalore. If you know all these tech stacks, you can envision yourself starting with a comfortable seven lacks. However, there is no cap on how much you can earn once you have the necessary experience level. A few individuals have also claimed to make around Rs. 8 lacs INR annually.

  1. Data Scientist

Data science, which Harvard University has named the trendiest profession of the twenty-first century, is expanding in India. The number of jobs has increased by roughly 200 percent annually. A good data scientist needs a variety of components. To be a brilliant data scientist, you need a strong programming foundation, analytical mind, business acumen, consumer psychology, and machine learning.

If you possess the above skills, you can make the top dollar, or about Rs. 10 lakhs annually. Mathematicians and computer scientists both play a role in data science. Their outstanding analytical abilities help them rule the big data industry. As part of their duties, they must gather data from various sources and analyze it to provide a clear picture of how a company operates. They automate some organisational activities using analytical, statistical, and AI tools.

  1. Web Developer

The creation of websites has two facets. You can select either one or both sides based on your preferences. You’d need to be well-versed in HTML5, and CC3, have a keen eye, be a great communicator, manage deadlines, and be knowledgeable about UI and UX. Companies pay a candidate who fits the bill of about Rs. 6 lacs annually.

They are typically in charge of the visual appeal of websites as well as technical factors like load time and traffic capacity. Occasionally, they are referred to as full-stack developers or web designers if they can handle both back-end and front-end programming. They are adept in using digital media, apps, scripting or authoring languages, and content production and management tools.

  1. Android Developer

Any Android developer’s job is to create attractive and valuable Android applications. Many businesses, especially those that are only now beginning to embrace the internet revolution, have an excellent android developer on staff. Being an Android developer is guaranteed to earn the working professional a sizable pay in a place like India’s Silicon Valley. You would require a solid programming foundation in Java and its offshoots, such as Kotlin.

Additionally, you would require in-depth familiarity with the Android studio software and most of its packages. Earnings of Rs. 6 lacs per year are reasonable expectations for a recent graduate constructing an android application. You could increase this number by developing your abilities and experience.

  1. Corporate Lawyer

Consider working as a corporate lawyer if you have a law degree and want to represent big corporations. There will be an increased demand for business attorneys in the upcoming years. Due to the numerous new fields of competence that have developed over the past few years, there are many opportunities for business lawyers.

You would have the chance to live the life of a famous lawyer as they are shown in your favourite television programme as corporate lawyers. You will be expected to help your clients with any legal requirements. The breadth of modern transactions is genuinely international.


  1. Business Development Associate

A business development associate is tasked with aiding the company in accelerating growth and sales. Due to Bangalore’s emphasis on global outsourcing, there is a considerable demand for offshore business development associates in the city. As a business development associate, you would perform market research, create strong, long-lasting customer connections, and identify novel concepts that might represent a fantastic business opportunity.

As a business development associate, you might expect to make at least Rs. 5 lacs in Bangalore annually. Due to the ongoing demand, it has proven to be a hot job in Bangalore.

  1. Management Consultant

You are supposed to be the go-to person in your organisation whenever a problem emerges a management consultant. You are required to find a solution that would help your employers. There will always be a demand for management consultants because they are so crucial to the success of any business. It would be good if you were familiar with banking and finance.

Along with having exceptional communication abilities, a management consultant needs to be open to any challenge. In Bangalore, a management consultant makes about Rs. 11 lacs yearly.

  1. Content Writer/Marketer

In the world of freelancing, content creation and marketing have always been king, but as demand has grown, they have also permeated the employment market. Although it is believed that the pen is mightier than the sword, it is more expensive.

Let’s assume you have a strong command of the English language and its nuances, a keen eye for detail, expertise in SEO, and a wealth of knowledge about digital marketing. If so, you are qualified to work as a marketer and content writer. We can anticipate that the content writing industry will expand in tandem with the digital sector’s anticipated brilliant growth.

  1. Human Resource(HR)

No matter how big or small the business, it has a human resources department. You will be responsible for managing the recruitment process as an HR. Additionally, you will serve as a liaison between the company and the employees. You will also be responsible for overseeing the salaries and benefits that the employees receive. In Bangalore, the annual pay for content writers is around Rs. 9 lacs.

Before beginning one of the IT jobs in Bangalore for the HR department, it is preferable to be aware of the eligibility requirements. Candidates who want to succeed in HR careers must hold a degree or diploma certificate in business administration, human resources management (HRM), or a related field.


These are the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Bangalore, which will be in demand and help you grow financially. Through this article, we hope to have helped you make an easier career decision. Money is a great motivator when choosing a field, but you should also consider your interests.